Friday, September 11, 2009

Fynn and the Wobbly Wheel

I need to write this little bit of information down so that I don't forget and thought you might enjoy reading it too. Fynn has a "scuttle bug" it is a ride on toy that he pushes with his feet. He taught himself to ride wheelies on it and jump things and crash. He enjoyed the scuttle bug so much that he did not want to ride a tricycle. He had no interest in learning to pedal or steer. Then one day the tricycle was left in the driveway and in his hurry to leave for work, Thadeus ran over it. It was not totally destroyed. In fact the only damage was to the front wheel. It was bent in such a way that it still turns fine it just wobbles drastically from side to side. That very day Fynn got on the tricycle and has LOVED it ever since! He very rarely gets back on the scuttle bug, except to show off an occasional wheelie. He also insist on taking it to the BMX track when we go and everyone there knows the story of Fynn and the Wobbly wheel.

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