Monday, September 7, 2009

Redbirds Game '09

Some wonderful friends of ours invited us to join them for a Memphis Red Birds Game. Thanks Kearneys! The Boys were excited and each went with their baseball glove in hand. We arrived at our seats at the top of the 2nd inning just missing a Grand SLAM!!! To bad for us but there were more exciting moments to follow. I had hoped it would be an exciting experience for the boys but I didn't realize how many "firsts" they would encounter at just one event. From the first glimpse of a real base ball diamond to maneuvering the crowed at the end of the night it was all new! They saw a Bat fly into the crowed and many foul balls. They experienced the crowed doing the "wave" and of course we all sang "Take Me Out To the Ball Game". They witnessed the camera guy below us and then saw the image up on the big screen. They learned to clap along and yell "charge" at the fun baseball chants. They all three shared a soft salted pretzel and a lemonade. They learned about "leading off" and "foul balls". Thadeus and I had a great time too and We were both surprized that we all made it through all 9 innings. At some point in the game Rollin asked me "why is there home baste, first baste and second baste and laste bast and home baste?" I was so amused by his words I told him I thought that was a question for Thadeus. The Red Birds won and after the game we saw 3 military men prachoute from a plane and land right on the field infront of us. After that we watched an amazing firework display. The boys faces were lit up from excitement and wonder and the glow of sparks! Then to top it all off there was a live band sending us off. And of course you can't beat the live music in Memphis. I know It will be an evening I Never forget!!

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