Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Tire swing for Mom

The other day while playing in the woods the boys found an old tire. I'm not sure how much work it took but they dug it out of the earth and rolled it home. They were filled with excitement when they told us about their new tire. It lay smack dab in the middle of the back yard for at least five days. Then while the three of them and I were doing some yard work it came back to life. We rolled it around the yard and learned how to do some new tricks with it. In the midst of our play Tucker said "I haven't heard a thank you yet" I wrinkled my for had and asked what he meant. He said "well we brought it home for you, so you could make a tire swing with it". I told him I had not realized it was for me, and proceeded to thank him. Finally today we manage to gather the rope, a ladder, and the time to hang it. So now our home is accessorized with a tire swing, as all homes with young boys should be.

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