Saturday, March 6, 2010

fire power

This past week while I was enjoying the rarity of a lengthy phone conversation with my one and only sister the boys got into a bit of mischief. I had sent them off a couple of times, telling them that i wouldn't be much longer and so I was satisfied when the were playing together at the other end of the house nicely. Then I heard the vacuum cleaner come on just for a moment and then shut back off. Then two little hands shut the doors from the living room where I was to the hall way where they were. The vacuum cleaner came on again for longer this time, and yes I could still hear it even though the doors were shut. So I went to investigate. As I walked into the hallway I could smell smoke (just a little) and I then saw the boys trying to vacuum up a dark spot on the floor. I asked what it was and reached down to touch it. All at once realizing that they were trying to vacuum up the spot where they had some how burnt the carpet! So lets back up a moment. I admit that I had a lighter in my nightstand drawer. I also have candles that I light every single night before I go to bed either to read or write by or just to get ready for bed. So lighter in the drawer and candles and paper and books on top. The boys found the lighter and Tucker and Rollin took turns trying to light the candles. When they finally got them lit, they took turns moving the paper through the flame. Then finally Rollin held a piece of paper and tucker lit it with a lighter and when his fingers got hot he dropped it. When he dropped it the boys tried to blow it out and then threw it in the bathroom trash. Wow So the Douglas boys fire hazard education has begun, or maybe just intensified!

On a similar subject, I was doing school work with Tucker and Rollin had already finished so he was entertaining himself. He was sitting beside me and I knew he was cutting paper but didn't pay any attention as I was focused on Tucker. All of a sudden there was a startling POP! SIZZLE and a puff of smoke! Rollin was so excited and asked if we had seen it. We told him no, so he demonstrated again. He had found a strand of pops for a toy pop gun and learned that if he cut right thought the center of them they go off! It was very entertaining to watch because he was a little nervous but some were duds so there was kind of a jack in the box effect.

Now last but certainly not least. Last year a friend and neighbor stopped by to say hi and while he was here he showed the boys the fascinating skill of starting a fire with a magnifying glass. I was a little worried but they never offered to try it again so I had really forgotten all about it. Then yesterday with the weather warming up and the sun shining brightly I was so excited when Tucker asked if I could get him the magnifying glass. I though to myself how wonderful it is that tucker wants to explore nature and see the wonders of our beautiful back yard up close. Then He said "I'm gonna try to burn a leaf"! Turns out he's a natural.

So I am not sure what to make of all this fascination with fire. I think it is normal and we never totally out grow it but how do I keep them all safe for now?

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