Saturday, March 6, 2010



We call him Marshall because he is suppose to keep peace among the hens, but recently he has elected himself mayor of our humble two acres. He has tested the water with all of us. I think he is learning not to mess with the two legged ones who feed him. But my sweet Koda is getting bullied! I think she may see him as a play mate but I assure you Marshall is not playing. I had her tethered to our clothesline pole so she wouldn't chase the hens while they had run of the yard. The boys were concerned that Koda could still get them. She has in the past chased them down and caught them but luckily not injured any. However I assured them that non of the chickens would come anywhere near koda. So we were all surprised when Marshall came rushing at her. He stayed and taunted her for a while and it actually did resemble two dogs playing together. Marshall of course was the Alpha. They went on and on in circles and back and forth for a while until Marshall had gotten his fill. Then he rejoined the flock.

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