Friday, March 26, 2010

to be grateful

I cannot recall the inspiration for circle time although I remember the excitement of the first night we began this family ritual. Now each night, I light a candle on the floor of the boys bedroom. They gather and circle around it's warm light. We sit for a moment and reflect on our day. Then one by one we share what we are grateful for that day. When we have finished we blow out the candle and it is re-lit for the next. We have so much to be grateful for and here is a short list of the things I can recall that my sons were grateful for at this nights "circle time"

"that i get to play baseball"
"that Tucker gets to play baseball"
"that Daddy gets to be here for circle time"
"that we have a good strong house"
"that we have cozy warm beds to sleep in"
"that daddy has a good job and makes money for us"
"that we get to do circle time"
"that we got to see nanna and poppa today"
"that Nanna and Poppa like their new house"

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