Friday, November 12, 2010


I was mesmerized by by the dust dancing in the sunlight, "look boys, dust fairies". "Those aren't fairies" Tucker said. "yes they are, they are just so tiny we cant see their wings" I explained. "There is no such thing as fairies" He protested. Rollin spoke up "yes there is Tucker. There's the Tooth Fairy". Tucker thought for a moment and said, "Well yeah there's the tooth fairy, but theTooth Fairy has proof." "proof?" I asked "have you seen the layer of fairy dust on everything in the house?" "yeah, but that's not good, it's not a good thing" he said. I Explained "well we might not really care for the dust but if we happened to be a dust fairies it would be our favorite thing." Satisfied. They smiled and skipped away.

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