Wednesday, November 24, 2010

toothpaste trick

I was trying to get the boys in bed this evening and beginning to show signs of impatience. I fixed the covers just right for the smallest one. I reminded the largest one to keep his head on his pillow and whisper, I fixed the covers again and offered more reminders. Then headed to the bathroom to check on the middle sized boy. He was sitting, slumping, frowning on the bench looking down at his tooth brush. I asked him what was wrong. "This tooth paste tastes bad" He answered. I assured him that we could fix the problem and asked him to show me which toothpaste he had used. He explained to me that tucker had put the toothpaste on his toothbrush for him while he was getting his pajamas on. I smelled the toothbrush. Soap. I then interrogated tucker as to what exactly he had put on his brothers toothbrush. He initially tried to convince me it was toothpaste but as soon as I mentioned the smell of soap he admitted he had in fact put liquid hand soap on the toothbrush. Now I can see how this could be a harmless practical joke, however I was already showing signs of impatience and then seeing The middle sized boy with such a sorrowful look on his sweet face and the redness and tears building in his tired eyes I sent the largest boy to his room. Cared for the middle sized boy and cleaned his toothbrush of all soap. I then summoned the Largest boy to my bedroom where I had a few quick words with him about his middle sized brothers feelings and then sent him on his way to make it right. He offered his apology. But I could tell by his response that the middle one was still hurt. So I helped him explain to the largest one how it actually made him feel. Then the largest one began to explain that he had intended it as a joke, and sincerely thought that the middle one would taste it and spit and spit and laugh and spit some more and laugh some more. With the explanation of the intention of this prank both boys began to giggle and laugh. I smiled and left them to enjoy the moment with each other and realized how these small moments of communication really make our home a happier place. Then I straightened the covers once More for the littlest one, and kissed them all good night.

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