Saturday, November 6, 2010

mid night ramblings

Fynn often comes to get in bed with me in the middle of the night or early morn, but last night he was particularly verbal. He literally curled up next to me as said "I'm Told" so I pulled the covers up over his little naked body. He refuses to wear pajamas. He immediately kicked them all off and grumbled "I don't want tovers". I fell right back to sleep, then woke again to his whiny request "I'm told I need tovers". I covered him and fell back to sleep once more. I flipped over and Turned toward Thadeus who was on my other side. Then Fynn woke me again, once more irritated, he explained "youw haiw is in my face, I need you to have youw eyes facing wight towawd me". So we shifted around a bit and I turned to face him. He scooched closer until our noses were almost touching. I fell asleep, and awoke once more when he demanded "stop bwowing youw aiuh on me". I tried to back away from him a bit and aim my nose so that the air would not flow in his direction. taking special care to keep my eyes facing right toward him. I fell asleep once more. The next thing to wake me was Thadeus' alarm rythmically beeping at 4 something. Then I heard the random noises of his morning routine. Rocking back and forth between sleep and wake. Then I heard the distinct "doodby daddy" from the little naked boy next to me. we slept again for a bit. Then as soon as the sunpeeked it's first ray of light our way, request for breakfast, and cereal and pizza began, and talk of the day ahead. Also a bit of whining for still being "told" but not wanting "tovers".

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