Friday, July 22, 2011

Professional Baseball Player

I was on a hike recently with my mom and my boys. Everyone was moving much faster than Fynn so I stayed back with him as he took his time on the trail. He was walking along quietly in front of me with a walking stick he had found. "I want to be a real professional baseball player when I grow up" he said as he swung his stick. I smiled and thought for a moment, then asked "what do you think it takes to be a professional baseball player Fynn?" He immediately answered "well Rowin said you have to hit wots and wots of home runs." I smiled as the image of Rollin advising Fynn on the topic ran through my head. Then asked "what do you think it takes to be able to hit lots and lots of home runs?" He took more time then said "I don't know". I said "well one thing I know is that it takes lots of practice." Without missing a beat He asked "should I practice now?"

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