Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Great Day

 Fynn informed me, less than a week before his birthday, that what he really wants is a drum set with drumsticks, and gloves so the the drumsticks don't fly out of his hands. 

  Today he settled for the mandolin. He actually did do quite a bit of drumming with two colored pencils and what ever was near by to drum on.
And I had to share this photo of Rollin because it made me smile just to look at him. He is about to run out the door and I know you can't see his sweet face but what you can see if you look, is his dirty blue hat on backwards (so he can see better), his "classic boy red shirt", a temporary tattoo on his left forearm from several days ago, just below that a white thing sticking out from his belt loop. It happens to be a home made blow gun. And on the other side of his body a leather pouch filled with home made clay balls for shooting out of his blowgun.  You can't see his dirty bare feet or the big ol' smile on his face, so you will have to take my word on it.

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