Sunday, February 5, 2012

Every morning I have been telling Fynneus how many days are left until his birthday, and every morning he screams and runs to tell his brothers. We are two days away now! I really cannot believe that my baby Fynn is going to be five years old! I remember holding him within days of his birth and thinking when he turns five  I'll be turning thirty! Now  here it is!  I am pretty sure there will be tears here and there for the next week or so.  I am an emotional reck over it all.  But his birthday should be loads of fun! He told me yesterday he thinks we should be having gummy bears more often. He also told me a few days ago that before all the sweets happen on his birthday he would like to have something healthy. "Healthy?" I asked "yeah" he replied "something healthy to eat like green beans and steak."  He also would like a skateboard, a 3DS, and gift cards.  Along with a trip to incredible pizza.  So I am not sure what exactly is going to happen for his birthday but it will be a fun day thats for sure. Oh I almost forgot, yesterday he came to me in the kitchen and said "did ya get the pink lemonade and the yellow lemonade yet?"   "For your birthday you mean?" I asked. "yeah, we need to get that pretty soon."  So I have added it to the list. And last, I have to mention that at the table this morning after breakfast, we were putting together a 3d dinosaur puzzle and he looked at me and said "I'm pretty much five" I looked at him and said "well not so fast, if someone asks you today how old you are you have to say "I'm four, but I'll be five in two days"' He smiled and shook his head yes and said "but I am pretty much five." Uh, he come the tears again! 

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