Thursday, February 2, 2012

A slightly less than perfect day

A slightly less than perfect day.
Tucker hit Fynn in the head with a tire swing.
Fynn threw a stick and wiffle-ball at tucker.
Tucker got sick from spinning on the tire swing.
Tucker and Rollin got in a fight about whose turn it was on the tire swing.
Rollin got mad a Tucker for hitting him with blowgun clay ball amo.
Tucker got mad at Rollin for saying that he could only hit Rollin in the back where he was wearing a shield.
Rollin punched Tucker.
Tucker blocked Rollin's punch resulting in Rollin's jammed knuckles.
Fynn "accidentally" slammed a door into Rollin's face. It left a mark.
Fynn scratched Rollin on the arm. It bled.
Liz stepped on sharp wooden blocks that were neatly concealed under a blanket.
Fynn ran and slipped on the freshly mopped bathroom floor.

*PLease note these incidents are in no particular order and happened periodically throughout our day.

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