Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Fantastic Fynntastic Birthday

Well it has happened! Our baby boy has turned five years old! Here is a run down on his fun-filled birthday!

His day began with breakfast in bed with daddy. A lemon poppy seed muffin, cheese omelet, and orange juice.

 Next he opened a gift from Rollin. Rollin decided to give Fynneus a helmet of his that he had been wanting for some time! He was very happy to get it!
 He also got a skateboard. So naturally he and his brothers headed outside to try it out. Fynn said "I'm gonna go practice some nasty falls!"

                                                     Here Rollin demonstrates a "nasty fall".
 Then Fynn came back inside to help me make his birthday cake. Chocolate with chocolate icing, and sprinkles.

 We gave him a choice of going out for lunch and a movie, or staying home and having a fire and setting up the tepee. He chose the latter.
 The plan was to have birthday cake in the tepee, but shortly after we got it up it began to rain. It was so cold so we went back inside.
 Then he opened his present from Nanna and Poppa. It was the 3DS that he had been longing for.
 He loved it! He played it until dinner was ready. He had requested steak and green beans. It was so sweet to see and hear him enjoy his birthday dinner so much. He kept saying "mmmmm, mmmm, dis is sooooo good!"
                                                Then we had cake! And Ice cream!
                                        Rollin made a  "gummy bear war" on his dessert.
 Fynn thought it was a great Idea so he did too. He used his pocket knife to eat his dinner and as you can see, his cake too!
I think he had a great Birthday. It is still hard to believe he is five. He is so smart and funny and fills our lives everyday with so much joy!  Happy birthday Fynneus! Happy Happy Birthday!

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